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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"A family operation since, geez, 1849? Before you step foot in that mega-giant-corporate drugstore, stop by Howells. It's a hard working family that aims to please. You'll notice a difference in the time it takes you to get in and out, and how you feel less stressed when you leave. It's a level of customer care that you won't get with your minimum wage cranky chain store employee."

"Howell Smith Druggist is the greatest pharmacy and gift store around! Not only are they friendly and helpful, they have such a wide array of fabulous gifts , gadgets, cards, candies and tchotchkes! Need a Rhode Island gift? They've got it! Kids toys... Got em! Cosmetics... Yup, them too! I've been shopping there since I was a little kid! Decades! They have always been the go to and I'm lucky they are so close because I'm always last minute."

"Everything. They are friendly, and know who you are after a couple of visits if you see something and they don’t have enough the will order it for you if they can. Love the store and the people that work there."

"Wonderful service! Old style family pharmacy and gifts."

"They have everything. Gifts, typical pharmacy stuff, books, cards, etc. This place is a GEM!!!! Can't believe that I've lived nearby for almost a year and only recently discovered how awesome this place is. Oh, and should I ever need a prescription, I'll be sending it to this pharmacy because the customer service was AMAZING! Plus, it's a small privately owned family business...and I love to support my local shops. Stop in at some point, you WON'T regret it!!"

"Friendly people reasonable prices!"

"I love this store, and have been going there for years. If you need a unique gift for someone special, you can always find something at Howell Smith's."

"Howell Smith’s is the best! All the needs of your every day pharmacy with the customer service of a family owned local neighborhood store. It’s no wonder they’ve been in business for 80 years and with three generations of Smith’s!"

"I love this store not only because it’s a family business but it has everything you wouldn’t find any where else... it has unique and sentimental gifts for any occasion!!"

"The atmosphere and service of the excellent pharmacies from the past alive and well in Pawtucket. Friendly and knowledgable staff and quaint gift department."

"You won't find better, nicer, more helpful people than you will here. They are a breed far above the rest."

"They are my friends, not an impersonal huge corporation. That is VERY important to me!"

"Love the hospitality people are so eager help in any way!"

"Family owned great service!"

"Great local store. Awesome gifts and helpful. You will love it."

"Best drug store for everything special."

"Family owned service is great love to support the small business."

"Best gifts here I must say, a lot of funny items that got me going!!! I got my first Rhode Island sweater and the quality is nothing but AMAZING!!! If you're looking to surprise your grandchild or even child with a gift last minute this place is perfect, they had plenty of cards and inspirational items, calendars, comfy socks, hats and scarfs, it was soft and great quality. The customer service was amazing, I was greeted as soon as I arrived, I've never been inside, passed by a couple times but it was most worth it to take the time and look around!"

"This place is such a gem!!! So happy to have found it. Lovely gifts for all occasions. They gift wrap for you at no cost and their card selection is huuuugggee!! The lady that helped me went above and beyond and I never felt rushed even though I was there forever trying to choose!! I will definitely be back and hopefully sooner than later!!"

"I stumbled upon this lovely little gem when Rite Aid ran out of my son's prescription. They were able to fill my prescription right away. No "What time would you like to come back at?" or "Hm, not sure if we have it in stock.". The stuffed animal section is huge! They have a gazillion cards for any occasion, trinkets, knick-knacks and lots of candy. It's like a mega Hallmark with drugs! Now what is better than that?"

"It's a small space, but they work with with minimal clutter and it's really terrific. Staff is really nice, too."

"A great store to visit nice people work there!"

You can help Howell Smith Druggist by leaving a great review on Facebook, Google, and Yelp - thank you!